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I can not support Mary Peltola as Alaska’s U.S. House Representative and I will tell you why.


In an effort to keep this brief, simply put, as a democrat she believes in and promotes the big lie.

That lie stands in direct contrast to the foundational principles of the Creator, the Family, the Tribe, and the Nation.

One cannot promote the murder of the innocence and hide behind the slogan that murder is health care and a reproductive right.

Someone that wishes represent myself can not also prey on the ignorance of the masses and promote inaccurate and misleading statements.

We do not make law in the courts and these court opinions are not enshrined in the constitution.

The courts do not make law, legislatures make law. The majority of Alaskans do not support the murder of their children.


I have been aware that the democrats have been on a witch hunt to essentially eliminate any threat to their power base for the past six years. They are expending taxpayer money and resources in an attempt to eliminate any opposition to their twisted ideology.

This behavior is disgraceful and a national embarrassment.


While I applaud Mary Peltola’s qualifications as a leader in her field and her community, and the First Native Alaskan to be elected to the US House of Representatives, albeit through a fraudulent ranked choice voting system, I believe she will place the twisted ideology of the leftists above the needs of the people and the State. In other words, she will side with the leftist lunatics in the national arena and not serve the Alaskan constituency. There is more to government representation than securing federal funds for state projects, forcing Alaskans and our needs to participate in federal programs, and forcing twisted self serving, self defeating ideologies down every ones throat as a condition of gaining the financial assistance through the federal programs.


I will vote for Nick Begich. Further detail can be viewed at:


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