My Approach to Recycling

!st Step to Recycling


The First step in Recycling begins with You and Me.


Recognition and Decision.

2nd Step to Recycling


The Second step in Recycling is recognizing that the packaging of the item is a significant cost factor of the item itself. We are paying a considerable price to fill up the trash bin with corporate garbage.

3rd Step to Recycling


Decide for yourself that you wish to reduce the amount of waste that is leaving your household. This decision will lead you to make wiser purchasing decisions and directly influence the volume of garbage leaving the household.

4th Step to Recycling


Before you purchase a food related item, Identify what packaging  material can be re-used for food storage, and food containment (for lunch's and travel) and what will be garbage.


You haven't noticed, the grocery stores are going out of thier way to package many items in plastic. They used to use paper products, but now if you buy a donut, or another type of sweet treat, it is packaged all by itself in a plastic container. This type of packaging and presentation, I ignore altogether. The container can not be re-used for much of anything and goes to the trash.


  • Small quantities of things means more packaging, so try to avoid small quantities.                           Buy in bulk if you can.


  • Avoid glass containers as much as possible because it is a small quantity item. Most people throw it out after the contents have been used. I, on the other hand, do have a use for glass jars, as I use them for candle making.


  • Paper products are a waste of money if you were to ask me, but they do biodegrade much faster than plastic.


  • Reuse plasitc bags that had loafs of bread in them. They come in handy if you make your own bread. Do not reuse them if the previous contents had gotten moldy.


  • I save and reuse store bought egg containers for gathering eggs from the chickens.


  • Avoid buying cans of soda pop. Buying single cans of pop, even if it is a 12 pack or a full case, is a gigantic waste of money and its bad for your health. But if you do buy it, and at times I do, I save the aluminum for the recyling center.


  • Plastic milk and iced tea containers are ok if you have a way to manage them. But if you don't then they just end up in the garbage and take a long time to degrade. I save them because I have a plan to shred plastics when I locate an economical but sturdy consumer type plastics shredder. I am looking into a way to shred these components into reuseable materials.


  • It is a great deal cheaper to make your own bread and rolls rather than to buy these items at the store. The food retailers are making a heafty profit from bread.