This year, I decided that I had finally had enough of Windows operating systems and all the strings attached to it. I took a chance on building a new desktop computer and installed a Linux operating system on it. I must say that it is a good thing I had the patience to work it all out, but that comes from working, still to this day, with Commodore Amiga computers.


  I wish to acknowledge all the people and organizations that have worked to make Ubuntu a functional platform. I have limited skills when it comes to working with code, so I appreciate the work that went into this operating system, and others like it. A gigantic "Thank You" to the developers and contributors.


  In addition to that acknowledgement, I wish to extend another to the developers that have written programs that people use everyday. I have successfully installed and learned to use the following programs:


Kicad - Shotcut - Arduino IDE - Audacity - VLC - LibreOffice - Rapid Photo Downloader - Ubuntu - Mozilla Firefox


  This site has been maintained using these products. My learning adventure, and the creative endeavors with the writing, circuitboard layout and design, photo transfers from phone, and video creation, could not have happened without these applications on this Linux based machine.