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Why the Zombie Resistance and who am I……..

I am a Dad of a Son and Daughter. The two most awesome gifts I have ever received from God. I chose the name the Zombie Resistance for the project because I believe, through a Biblical Foundation, that people of the belief that Abortion is a “choice” or a ” Woman’s Health Issue” are living a LIE. You are being lied to. The inner voice is telling you that the pregnancy is a baby, but the world is telling you to ignore that truth.  Aborting a child is Murder.

Individuals that choose to believe this lie and negate the sound judgement, that inner voice that God gave to most every living individual, in favor of the lie are acting like the living dead you see in modern TV shows. You are choosing to not educate yourself. You are choosing to continue in the deception that is destroying family, community, and culture. You are creating your own guidelines of morality and truth and this doctrine is contrary to God’s commandments. The world is convincing you to reject Christ and his teachings, and therefore choosing to live among the walking dead.  There is still time to choose the right path. Help the human race to eliminate the world of Zombies (the culture of death) and bring your child into the world, as messed up as it is.

The Right to Life is the the most fundamental human right, and all other rights are meaningless without it!