Abortion - Today's Genocide

Aborting your children for economic reasons is a lie and a deception.

   Twice, in as many days, I have heard a specific viewpoint on abortion that I find appalling. Basically the speech is based on the premise that if you are a minority, a person of color, and or are poor, then you should have an abortion primarily based on economic reasons. The recently elected person to fill Don Young’s Alaska Congressional seat, Mary Peltola, holds to this belief.

Points of fact.;

  • The economy is in shambles

  • The poor just got poorer with a skyrocketing rate of inflation

  • The middle class just got smaller

  • The national government, including congress, is responsible for the inflation and the bad economy

  • The economy is stacked against the individual, but you are expected to support it at all costs. Meaning, the cost of basic items have reached proportions to which the current generation can not possibly afford to purchase. More and more of us are losing the ability to participate, or maybe we never could participate in the first place.

  • Costs are going up, compensation is stagnant, and mandatory government regulation and taxation has become a heavy burden.

  • The government burden on personal and business income has reached untenable levels.

  • We are being manipulated into a never ending debt cycle. The newer generations do not yet know that debt equals bondage. We are manipulated into the corrupted philosophy that debt is a stepping stone to success.

 Mary Peltola holds to the belief that the people that have caused the problem are the only people that can fix the problem.

   The people that use and maintain this argument are simply misguided or are intentionally misdirecting you to a belief that is based on delusional thinking. Ultimately these ideas promote and reinforce the eugenics programs of the past. These programs and philosophies promoted forced sterilization, forced genocide, forced extermination of minorities, people of color, and or the poor. They are just getting you, me, and our children to buy into this expression of personal liberty to voluntarily do the killing for them. And we will do it believing it is our choice, and our right.

   If you haven’t noticed, the economy is threatening everyone, except the insulated ones. It always does. Nothing on this earth is guaranteed. You wealthy people could be on top one day, and out in the street the next, broken and penniless. Everything on this earth is fleeting. Here one day, gone the next. Things wear out. Things need constant maintenance. And when you consider fees, taxes, mandatory contributions to welfare programs, financial penalties that government and business use to extract additional financial resources that you have in an effort to coerce you into compliance, what then do you really have.

   The only thing we really have is our lives. Our God given, Creator given, right to life that is affirmed in our State and Federal Constitutions. The only other thing that we actually have is the ability to pro-create. The ability to make and raise Children. There is no greater joy and gift on the face of the earth. And to think that politicians and persons in the media are trying to convince us that we should voluntarily destroy the only thing you actually have because of their manipulated, over regulated, and failing economic system is just downright incomprehensible.

   On the other hand, I know from first hand experience with Congresspersons, that the entitlement programs that are in place to support the poor are crippling this nation. These entitlement programs account for a major portion of the federal budget. Since Congress has taken upon itself to support a failed economic system at all and any cost, then maybe they are looking for ways to eliminate certain costs by manipulating us into voluntarily destroying our own offspring so that the government can save money. You may have forgotten, or maybe never heard about, the forced sterilization programs of certain States and in the Federal Indian Health Services here in Alaska.

  I understand the argument that government should not be involved in our personal lives, and I wholeheartedly agree. But we draw the line at murder, especially a murder of convenience. Many in this country embrace the Affordable Care Act and the Patriot Act. Those to Acts by themselves are extreme government intrusions into my personal space, but everyone overlooks that.

   You have the power to say no. You have the power to evaluate the killing philosophy. You have the power to decide your own destiny. You have the power to think this through and say no . Say no to voluntarily killing your own based on their busted and corrupted financial system. It is no accident that things are the way they are. We are being played.

The First Nations (Indian's - Native Americans)

Abandon Industrial Sites

A paper based on observations

while driving throughout the

commonwealth of Pennsylvania

I will draw you a picture. It is not a new picture. It is a picture of something that many take for granted and never really think about, except for maybe if you live in Alaska.

The point of the story is a business practice is allowed to continue without addressing the obvious, even after all the planning and environmental assessments have been done. What am I describing? Industrialization. If one gets in a vehicle and drives throughout many areas of Pennsylvania, you will see abandon factories, abandon buildings, dilapidated structures, leftover industrial items, and contaminated water ways. The conditions surrounding the close of business I.e. collapse of the economic market, bankruptcy, the failure to compete, changes in federal law that force a company to make economic decisions and move their facilities off shore, or outright corruption does not matter in the end. They are just excuses that the masses will accept. The end result is the same. The capitalists and the communists, just leave their discarded materials and buildings behind. They just get up and go.

Who is left holding the bag? You and me. Many communities are faced with the question of what to do with the site once it has been abandon. Many times there are no answers. Sometimes the colonists turn the abandon sites into museums. But mostly the situation is left as is. So the questions begs to be asked, why do we tolerate this behavior? Is it because the company at one time provided jobs? Is that a valid reason to accept the disposal of the companies waste? Did the local governments (that are supposed to be protecting their communities) just give a wink and a nod and authorize the environmental contamination in exchange for a revenue stream? Did the authorities agree to accept their refuse when operations cease to exist? Did the inhabitants of these communities know and agree to the terms of these agreement? I don’t believe they did. I don’t believe the topic ever came up for discussion.

Why is this the accepted behavior? I hear and see many people jumping on the “Green New Deal” Bandwagon, but you know as well as I do that the things that really need to be changed, never get addressed. It will be business as usual, except it will come at a much higher price to the end user, and the corporations will have attractive “Green” stickers on their trucks.

It may be human nature that certain types of people automatically get accustomed to living around these dangerous and hazardous abandon properties or the shear lack of responsiveness from local government to interact with their community to resolve the problem gives rise to a feelings of despair and defeatism since the human input is not valued and respected. People in the lower 48 appear to have gotten used to the idea that the local taxpayer will be eventually be relied upon to finance the clean up, after the EPA finally gets done spending tons of taxpayer money proclaiming the site to be a Superfund site. Well, that’s if the site ever gets identified to be cleaned and reclaimed to begin with. Many people are forced to live with the environmental contamination and associated health risks of the their contaminated community.

Does your Green New Deal provide for positive changes that will arrest this time honored tradition of robbing the planet and destroying the lives of locals with your industrial contamination?


The First Nations (Indian's - Native Americans)

Carlisle Industrial School for Indians

The remains of six children interned at the Carlisle Indian School will be exhumed beginning June 15, 2019. Much has been written about the school, its history, the military campaigns, and the progress made in the endeavor to “Kill the Indian, Save the Man”. There are reams of paper containing official documents between the superintendent, many layers of government officials, and social societies in the management of their endeavor, justifying actions, comparing observations, doubts, and adjustments to the Indian education policy. But there is something of vital importance missing in all this documentation.

I have read Richard Henry Pratt’s book entitled “Battlefield and Classrooms”. Pratt was instrumental in “subduing” the rebellious Indians after the federal implementation of the reservation concentration camps and he was instrumental in the founding of the Indian school system. I have also reviewed documentation available at the Dickinson college online portal. Much Indian Industrial School documentation is stored at this college in Carlisle PA. I was attempting to review what Native American students, parents, and Tribal Authorities had written reflecting their educational experience and the forced attendance and cultural assimilation of the children. I am very much interested in reading the Native American perspective and representation during these activities. I found nothing aside from a few footnotes. I found total omission of what the “Indian” had to say about this forced colonial education and attempted cultural genocide. Within the reference to “letters to home” from the children within the publications of the period, I found censorship that omitted the material and excused the omission as being to wordy and lacking anything of newsworthy content to print. However, I did find much reference material on the subject of the “Indian problem.”

In the misguided attempt to transform and ultimately eliminate a pre-existing culture that survived many millennia, the imposing “civilized” people never stopped to ask themselves what knowledge this culture had to offer mankind. The offending race, with maybe withholding an exception for the Quakers, assumed a superior position without ever considering the consequences of their actions and behavioral attitudes that they were imposing on a race of people that, as stated before, sustained itself and its environment for many millennia. Just suppose for a minute if the Native people that inhabited this continent prior to contact had acted exactly as the white invaders? There would have been bigger guns on the shores when someone was “discovered”. There would be no pristine environment available to the immigrants to plunder. There would be no wildlife to slaughter for the sport of killing. And there would have been established prisons that would soon be filled to capacity with white immigrants. I believe that it is of vital importance that the group of official do-gooder’s finally take the time to understand the spiritual attitudes, self governing methods, and environmental stewardship that Native Americans of the north American continent practiced that afforded them a near perfect balance with the creator, the natural resources, and the environment that the creator provided for them to prosper in and manage. In reality, it appears we have a white man problem, not an Indian problem because the corrupted attitudes persist in the present, albeit they exist in different form and terminology than the blatant “in your face” form of prejudice, hatred, and racism of the past.

Why is this critique important? This is important because there are many people attempting to heal from the actions of the subversive “civilized” culture. As victims of forced assimilation and attempted genocide, natives are attempting to address the genetic and cultural damage caused by the trauma. Since the formation of the United States from the thirteen colonies it is evident that the federal government charged itself with the authority to negotiate treaties with the Indian Nations so that the US could advance its ambitions. These negations and treaties are enshrined within the US Constitution. These writings establish the fact and acknowledge that the Native Nations had the authority and ability to enter into official government relations based on their sovereign status that was and is recognized world wide. It is also recognizable and acknowledged that the Native Nations existed and functioned under a very different life way. The subversive “civilized” people proclaimed that the native life way was inferior and primitive and incompatible with an “enlightened” and “superior” sense of self. The problem is, although the official writings and documentation acknowledged the contradictions within the superior race, they never came to terms with the reality of their greed corruption, graft, deception, double speak, the pursuit of power and control, self gratification, and money. These less than desirable virtues are being preserved in the American way of life under the deception of Self Determination.

Native American tribes attempted to embrace the new life ways that were invading the continent. Natives recognized certain benefits, inventions, knowledge and strategies. They also recognized that these new life ways were in basic conflict with a belief system, an established life sustaining life way that respected and revered the creators gift. They recognized that what came with the inventions and trade goods was graft, lies, deception, corruption, conflict, theft, murder, alcohol and drug abuse, concealment, exploitation, double speak, disease, mental illness, and confusion surrounding the many different religious belief systems, and likely, the lack there-of. Many indigenous peoples embraced the new ideology, gave it a try, and ultimately rejected this new life way because it conflicted with truth and an inherent sense of right and wrong. It threatened the life way, land base, religious and cultural belief systems, and most importantly it threatened the families and the cohesiveness that bonded entire communities, otherwise known as Tribes and Nations. Some tribes voluntarily relocated from lands in the east to lands more westerly to get away from the white settlements. Many tribes negotiated at the conference table for the Indians to stay on their side of the fence and the whites to stay on their side of the fence. However, there is nothing inherently noble in the actions of the white man, as he will do as he pleases. And after the mayhem of invading Indian territorial boundaries, ignoring legalities that the whites refuse to abide, failed bureaucratic institutions, and a total lack of interest in fulfilling treaty obligations in a just way, the whites created additional laws and policy that enabled the whites to remain lawfully in trespass and further ignore constitutionally guaranteed obligations. These are the reasons the Native defended their life way and resisted embracing the assimilation to the death if needed. Natives understood then and understand now the difference between true freedom and a facsimile thereof and this persistent deception, perpetrated on all the people, is accepted by the majority of the American population as a satisfactory condition of citizenship and inclusion. The fact is that this deception is a very large, contradictory, and immovable obstacle to  personal identity, cultural identity, and denies any real progress in healing from the physical, physiological,  and emotional assault perpetrated against indigenous peoples.

In the writers opinion, healing can not truly take place. To this day the hostilities exist between the two cultures. To this day the average American has very little or are without any understanding of the Native American culture, as it existed at contact and as it exists today. There can be no reconciliation between the two because the majority of Americans are steeped in ignorance. Geographical places important to Native Americans have been plundered and plowed under. Personal property has been swindled or stolen and placed in some museums closet or on display. Relatives deceased bodies have been scattered to the wind or held in perpetual bondage in make shift cemeteries throughout the continent with contempt. Myths are taught in the educational systems. There is little doubt that within the context of teaching and interacting with native American subject matter, it is inherently performed in the historical context. This is the main reason the generations that have come up and are being raised up, cannot put native cultures into any meaningful understanding and perspective. This is why the mere mention of native Americans in a conversation with the average American results in either total silence, an apologetic exclamation that lacks any real emotion or understanding of their ancestral behavior, and most always includes a racial slur or comment based entirely on what they have been exposed to in motion pictures, fairy tales, and again ignorance.

This day, June 19 2019, a news report came to my email that describes that the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has issued an executive order that for the first time in California history has issued an apology to the Native Americans and has acknowledged the barbaric behavior of the people and government of California towards the Native American populations in that jurisdiction. This is maybe a beginning to the healing process but for who? As I have stated throughout these pages, unless the constant state of ignorance within the American culture is addressed and the population is educated properly, there is no point in spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to again study and evaluate the so called “Indian problem” for the next six years. In my experience, when the dominant culture comes forth and pretends to show respect and a free exchange of ideas, they usually want something. The dominant civilized society must review, evaluate, and question the purpose and intent of their own culture. It must face its own historical horrific acts and moral bankruptcy. I do not see this happening in an environment that endorses self destruction, selfishness, greed, corruption, lies, legal deception as practiced in the judicial system, intentional deception, partial truths, and exaggerated lies as employed within the sensationalism of the journalistic trades, immoral acts of violence to achieve a political or societal end, murder and the relentless pursuit of class warfare and fictitious wealth.

Henry Jones, died at the age of 16, a member of the Iowa Nation, Sac and Fox,

Adam McCarty, died at age 17, a member of the Modac Nation,

Jemima Metoxin, died at the age of 16, a member of the Onieda Nation,

Ophelia Powles, died at the age of 15, a member of the Onieda Nation,

Alice Springer, died at the age of 14, a member of the Omaha Nation,

Sophia Caulon, died 01/18/1893, a member of the Onieda Nation,