Abortion - Today's Genocide

Aborting your children for economic reasons is a lie and a deception.

   Twice, in as many days, I have heard a specific viewpoint on abortion that I find appalling. Basically the speech is based on the premise that if you are a minority, a person of color, and or are poor, then you should have an abortion primarily based on economic reasons. The recently elected person to fill Don Young’s Alaska Congressional seat, Mary Peltola, holds to this belief.

Points of fact.;

  • The economy is in shambles

  • The poor just got poorer with a skyrocketing rate of inflation

  • The middle class just got smaller

  • The national government, including congress, is responsible for the inflation and the bad economy

  • The economy is stacked against the individual, but you are expected to support it at all costs. Meaning, the cost of basic items have reached proportions to which the current generation can not possibly afford to purchase. More and more of us are losing the ability to participate, or maybe we never could participate in the first place.

  • Costs are going up, compensation is stagnant, and mandatory government regulation and taxation has become a heavy burden.

  • The government burden on personal and business income has reached untenable levels.

  • We are being manipulated into a never ending debt cycle. The newer generations do not yet know that debt equals bondage. We are manipulated into the corrupted philosophy that debt is a stepping stone to success.

 Mary Peltola holds to the belief that the people that have caused the problem are the only people that can fix the problem.

   The people that use and maintain this argument are simply misguided or are intentionally misdirecting you to a belief that is based on delusional thinking. Ultimately these ideas promote and reinforce the eugenics programs of the past. These programs and philosophies promoted forced sterilization, forced genocide, forced extermination of minorities, people of color, and or the poor. They are just getting you, me, and our children to buy into this expression of personal liberty to voluntarily do the killing for them. And we will do it believing it is our choice, and our right.

   If you haven’t noticed, the economy is threatening everyone, except the insulated ones. It always does. Nothing on this earth is guaranteed. You wealthy people could be on top one day, and out in the street the next, broken and penniless. Everything on this earth is fleeting. Here one day, gone the next. Things wear out. Things need constant maintenance. And when you consider fees, taxes, mandatory contributions to welfare programs, financial penalties that government and business use to extract additional financial resources that you have in an effort to coerce you into compliance, what then do you really have.

   The only thing we really have is our lives. Our God given, Creator given, right to life that is affirmed in our State and Federal Constitutions. The only other thing that we actually have is the ability to pro-create. The ability to make and raise Children. There is no greater joy and gift on the face of the earth. And to think that politicians and persons in the media are trying to convince us that we should voluntarily destroy the only thing you actually have because of their manipulated, over regulated, and failing economic system is just downright incomprehensible.

   On the other hand, I know from first hand experience with Congresspersons, that the entitlement programs that are in place to support the poor are crippling this nation. These entitlement programs account for a major portion of the federal budget. Since Congress has taken upon itself to support a failed economic system at all and any cost, then maybe they are looking for ways to eliminate certain costs by manipulating us into voluntarily destroying our own offspring so that the government can save money. You may have forgotten, or maybe never heard about, the forced sterilization programs of certain States and in the Federal Indian Health Services here in Alaska.

  I understand the argument that government should not be involved in our personal lives, and I wholeheartedly agree. But we draw the line at murder, especially a murder of convenience. Many in this country embrace the Affordable Care Act and the Patriot Act. Those to Acts by themselves are extreme government intrusions into my personal space, but everyone overlooks that.

   You have the power to say no. You have the power to evaluate the killing philosophy. You have the power to decide your own destiny. You have the power to think this through and say no . Say no to voluntarily killing your own based on their busted and corrupted financial system. It is no accident that things are the way they are. We are being played.

Published by Stephen Simmons

My name is Stephen Simmons. Stephen is a 25 year resident of Alaska and a property owner. Stephen built a career in Public Television Broadcasting and established life long friendships and family relationships with the Indigenous peoples of Alaska. Stephen worked at KAKM / KSKA for 15 years, CoastAlaska Inc. as a Broadcast Engineer supporting the public radio stations in southeast Alaska for four years, and served as Audio Engineer and Technical Engineer for Jeanie Green Productions. Stephen has also worked in a professional capacity for the Chickaloon Village Traditional Council for three years. In addition to regular duties and responsibilities the Director of Tribal Forestry and Fish and Wildlife Peace Officer positions, Stephen served as a liaison between the Tribes in that region and some State agencies identified as: the Matanuska-Susitna Advisory Council to the Board of Fish and Game as secretary for 4 years, an appointment by the then Mayor Timothy L. Anderson to a seat on the Matanuska -Susitna Borough, Forestry and Agricultural Advisory Board, and an appointment, by the then Secretary of the Interior Gail Norton, to a seat representing Tribal Interests and perspectives to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management Resource Advisory Council in Anchorage Alaska. Stephen has traveled to regions outside of Alaska to befriend members of the Crow Tribe after attending the annual Crow Fair Event at Crow Agency Montana, and served as a Security agent for the Western Shoshone Defense Project in Cresent Valley Nevada in the days when their lands and property was subjected to encroachment and confiscation by the U.S. BLM. Stephen has also attended Conferences in Wisconsin with the Indigenous Environmental Network, and has been a frequent attendee to the annual Alaska Federation of Natives conference in Anchorage Alaska.

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