Today the racist’s are again hatching a plan to further their agenda of abusing and destroying Native American families, culture, belief system, and traditions. They are ironically using “Race” as a basis for their inhumanity touting how congressional protections afforded to Native American families are UN-constitutional.

One must first analyze why it was necessary to create these protections in order to reach any sound conclusion.

In the foundation of the United States, one must realize that the European immigrants to this continent were entering upon a land that was inhabited by many people. Distinct and organized people that had a different life way than that of the immigrants. These people had societies and structures in place in the regulation of their affairs. These organizing principles, that are apparently 400 years old before the arrival of the European, were found to be of particular interest to the peoples attempting to formulate a new government that was distinctly different from that of the Kingdoms of subjugation found throughout Europe. The founding documents enforce this notion and much discussion ensued on how to proceed to build a new nation while at the same time recognize and incorporate the rights of a people that existed prior to the introduction of the White Man.

The concept that I am making you aware of is “the Great Law of Peace”. The founders of the new republic recognized the inspiration and total effectiveness of this governance tool and instead of adopting it in its totality, attempted to incorporate parts of the great law of peace into the Articles of Confederation and later the Constitution of the United States. Regardless of how you view the analysis and incorporation of the principles, the United States organized and founded the organizing documents recognizing the unique nature of the Native American by recognizing these people as sovereigns, unique individual Nations. It was therefore necessary to build lasting relationships with these nations that included: recognizing their person-hood, their culture, their sovereign status (not subject to the authority of the States), their trading rights, hunting and fishing rights, and their land ownership rights. And in so doing, established institutions and laws regulating the interaction of Whites with the Indian Nations. These observations are engrained within the Constitution of the United States.

The founders attempted to enforce these observations within the founding documents of the Constitution of the United States, but the inherent deceptive nature and unbounded lust for the new lands of the colonist mentality, and the unabashed desire to control and manipulate people, initiated evil actions to deprive the Nations of their obvious and rightful role along side the developing nation. These actions were based on race, but they would have been perpetrated upon any living sole that held title to the occupied lands.

This is where we begin to see justifications for the hostile actions perpetrated against the Sovereign Nations by stripping them of their human status and stripping them of their culture, language, tradition, laws, history, and land ownership. These people, my people, became exiles in their own land with the creation of the Indian removal laws. This is the beginning of an intentional degradation, starvation, and destruction of human beings that would continue for centuries. It continues to this day. And we are seeing a prominent example of these hostile actions in the Federal Court of Appeals whereas certain state governments and individuals are attempting to strip Native Americans of protections that have been established for Native Americans due to the oppressive and destructive intent and nature of said governments and their misguided citizens. When you couple that hostility with the ignorance of the today’s mainstream culture, you have a continuation of hostilities through another means. You have a continuation of racist manipulation and intentional destruction of a political race of people disguised as having an honest interest in “the best interests of the child or Children”.

The endgame of these hostile actions have not changed much since the Andrew Jackson’s administration signed into law an act of congress that contradicts the United States Constitution and stripped a people of their rightful place among the human race. The implementation methods are very different than the methods used in the 1800’s. Instead of using States militia, volunteers, and US Army troops to forcefully remove and destroy a people, today they use the courts, law enforcement agencies, private corporate police forces, and traitors of our own people (historically Indian Scouts for the Army) looking to make a name for themselves no matter the cost to the people.

Who is benefiting from broken families? Who is benefiting from a people forced to abandon their identity? Who is benefiting from forcing a culture to walk among a people that exhibit ignorance, contempt, and disgust for us as a political race of people. I know at least this much, the Indian Child Welfare act interferes with state government and their employees from making a healthy financial profit from every child that is removed from their respective family and placed in an environment that is designed to force compliance to the State. Its all about the money. These people could care less about the well being of the “Indian” children. Who would have any faith in a government that is attempting to break up a family in an “effort to protect the child” (based on their internal policy and guidelines) while at the same time perpetrating the myth that the destruction of a child is a woman’s right, her choice, and a health care issue.

Any action initiated by the State against an Indian child and their families is nothing more than another form of forced removal and intentional destruction of the Native American culture. It is an extension of the total eradication activities that have been ongoing since the days of Andrew Jackson.

These Indian Child Welfare issues and the management thereof are already defined in law. It is within the framework and jurisdiction of the Tribal governments and the Tribal courts to decide and act upon the need to remove a child from an adverse environment. These were lays that were defined by consultation with the Indian Nations and implemented into law by acts of the united states congress. It never was within the jurisdiction of a State government and invocations of interference into Indian Affairs by the State is in total contradiction to the United States Constitution. Attempts to legislate via the courts, the will of a power hungry minority on a people that refuse to consent, which has become the modern day norm, is both illegal and UN-constitutional.

The average American citizen has consented to the American government so that the government may perform its role. There is or was an exchange. Certain liberties and freedoms were exchanged so that the government may afford protections enumerated within the constitution. The government in exchange assumed liabilities and responsibilities in the protection of the enumerated rights. With respect to the granted authority by the American citizen, the American government has entered into Treaties with foreign nations. State governments are prohibited from creating and entering into treaties of any kind. These treaties are the supreme law of the land, according to the united states constitution.

In the past, State governments were complicit in coercing the American government into forcefully removing Native people from the homelands. This was done in part because the newly formed State had no authority over a sovereign Native people, and no desire or mechanism to interact with Native peoples. The people of the States thought they had the final solution. Just eliminate them. The plan did not work out so well. The fact remains, the State still has no authority over a sovereign Native people. You don’t have to like it, but you do have to respect it. Its the law.

Stephen Simmons

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