Casual Observations

I recently have started a new job. In the performance of this job I am required to operate a motor vehicle throughout the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is difficult to maintain an unbiased position of the people I observe on a daily basis. It is just as difficult to maintain a neutral position in the practices of these people in caring for the environment in which they reside. Before I go too much farther I must exempt the Amish communities from this observation. They are completely the opposite of the average immigrant settler descendant. Back to the mainstream. The towns are dilapidated and in disrepair. The yards and properties are littered with trash and junk they deem valuable. These people I observe are extremely ignorant and devoid of any real knowledge. They are like zombies. Most everyone is glued to their phone and everyone is highly influenced by their television and social media which has proven to be hostile to the American constitution and the bill of rights by espousing a twisted and unsustainable version of such documents. They do not perform any research for themselves, they simply parrot what the programming is repeatedly vocalizing.

The trash, garbage, run down homes, and the shear number of animals (deer specifically) that are laying dead by the side of the road is staggering. In just a two week period of this driving activity, I lost count of the dead dear, and other animals, along the roadways. Couple these observations with the obesity of the average person, one can only come to the conclusion that this culture, this society is a very sick people. I suppose that is the reason people flock to the health care facilities. They are sick, very sick in hearts and minds. They appear to exhibit no faith in God. It appears that the only faith they have is in the government checks that are supporting their sick families. The contaminated water they are drinking, the food stuffs that is disguised to resemble nutritious food they are eating, the drugs and alcohol they are consuming, and the poisoned minds they are exhibiting is destroying them and they have no idea. The talking heads in mainstream America is telling them what to think, not how to think. Like lemmings they are. They just continue on their merry way.

In one town, I must have come in on the opposite side of main street. I drove through the community attempting to locate my destination. I did not see any people in the yards of the homes. I did not see any cars. As I landed on my destination, an attractive strip mall of government offices, the same location had the only hospital and medical facility. I found where all the people were at. The parking lots were packed. I suppose one could say this situation proves my point.

These are the descendants of people that flocked to these shores and invaded my homeland claiming divine right to exterminate the Indian and occupy the land.

These are the people that have allowed the judiciary to usurp the will of the governed and take over the responsibility of the legislature and impose illegal in immoral laws on the states and the nation.

The entire spectacle is a disgrace.

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