Welcome to an introduction of this site. 

     I recently realized that I needed to update my blog post. But when I looked at the layout, I also realized that the initial site was set up with little understanding of how a blog works. I tried to get an understanding and then rebuild the site. Of course that effort led to choosing a different theme with the hopes of making the site easier to navigate and easier to update.

In the effort to clean up and streamline the site, I was also forced to define the purpose of the site. In doing so, I questioned if I even wanted to keep the site active. The following outline is a description of why this site is still here.

Answer the following questions:

What am I going to do with this blog post and the Radio Station?

I share information, valuable information, that may help someone choose a path of life, contrary to what the main stream culture of death is preaching to the masses.

I am sharing information that is valuable and thought provoking. It has the potential to influence someone to think in a constructive way, and that rational fact based thinking may enable the individual to choose an enlightened path away from a path of sin and destruction.

Many of the content providers on Plan Z Radio have similar but different messages. Every approach, method, and message, has the potential to reach a different audience that may be struggling with tough decisions, and that is what Plan Z Radio is about. I am not affiliated with any organization.

Who is going to read this? I have no idea. Anybody that cares to. Pro lifers, pro choicer s, Abolitionist, church’s, pregnant women, mainstream, Family, First Nations Native Americans, Legislator’s. Currently, the main listener base of the on-line radio station is international, which suggests to me that those countries are searching for useful alternatives to the heavy censorship they are forced to endure. On-line radio has the ability to escape that censorship. Americans are to busy with their own activities and distractions to really pay any attention to radio programming. I would really like to see greater participation from within the U.S., I will take this moment to plug the station in that it does present a quality product, on par with any public radio station in the United States, and the programming is not interrupted and bombarded with commercial advertising.

What kinds of information will I be posting?

Pro Life, abolish human abortion, historical accuracy, historical knowledge, and commentary (produced presentations) by like minded individuals and organizations. Investigative information that has come to light with the passage of time as it relates to historically huge life changing events. Information that will replace the myths with the true story. First Nations (Indian) history, and accuracy in the account. Indian Nations today. Information and news that questions authority, expose’s lies and deceptions by our leadership.

Why am I doing this?

I have something to say. The blog is a way to express my thoughts that I come up with in response to an outside influence, like radio commentary, news stories, daily conversation, headlines, etc. These thoughts are developed after a reasonable amount of research. It is a way to stand in solidarity against the propaganda. I feel it is important to share what I have learned. It is my hope and prayer that my writings and audio commentaries can educate someone and cause them to think, investigate, and make up their own minds. I used to say, don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourself. The truth is there. I want to show solidarity in standing for truth in history, knowing the facts, and step away from the deception that is leading people away from time tested proven foundations regardless of how politically incorrect it is. Additionally I am doing it to promote the radio station. It is the mechanism that is presenting most of the information. The blog reinforces it, and promotes it.

Who am I doing this for? I am doing this for me, as I feel I must express the thoughts I develop after being exposed to worldly publications. I am doing this for God, the Creator, as he wants his message spread throughout the world. I am doing this for those individuals that have no voice, the Pre-born and those that are afraid to speak out. Free Speech, Use it or Lose it. And I am doing this with the hope that people will be persuaded away from their ignorance.

How often am I going to be posting and adding information? Once a week. 400- 800 word limit. Sometimes just commentary, a thought in a few sentences.

With all that being said, I made changes to the Menu’s and Categories.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.  Please feel free to register and post.

Steve S.