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A friend and I are currently attempting to find the time to record a Podcast type audio interview. His name is Niles, and he is active in the Food Not Bombs campaign in the Harrisburg Pennsylvania area. I met Niles while working in a restaraunt in south central Pa. One day I took him up on an offer to attend a gathering on the lawn at Reservoir Park. I am glad I went. A few people engaged in musical performances and a few had words of encouragement. There was also prepared food available. Since that time, I made myself available to assist in the sharing of food in downtown Harrisburg Pa. I also assisted in the kitchen during a Thanskgiving dinner sharing event. Niles has kept himslf busy, He has obtained a HAM Radio Operators License, and is attending the Millersville University in Pa. for a bachelors degree in Philosophy. Niles has also secured a position with the Millersville University College radio station WIXQ, as a DJ.


Lately I became reinterested in Food Not Bombs because it is a world wide movement that is attempting to do some good in this world. Additionally I recently wathced a movie called "A Man of Action". It is a story about the life of a man named Lucio Urtubia and his associates. They had devised a genious scheme to target one of the largest banks in the world with a counterfeiting operation. Lucio is an anarchist. I can identify with this man to a certain degree. I get frustrated that many Americans are not intersted in any activity unless there is money to be made. We have a homeless epidemic in many cities in the nation and everyone wants to look the other way, pretend it is not happening. Anchorage has a very large homeless population.


It is my hope that Niles and I can discuss in detail the many aspects of Food Not Bombs and Homelessness and maybe find a workable solution. I am convinced government is not the answer to the problem.


UPDATE;  Niles and I managed to get together and record a program. the Interview does reveal many details about being involved with Food Not Bombs, making a differene in a community, and creating a sustainable resource that people can come to depand on. The program is about 53 minutes in length.


The Link to the Audio Interview with Niles Lavin.

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