In case you haven't noticed, the so called “Peace Keepers” are there only to “protect their investment”, or in other words “to force their will”. Never-mind the fact that the people they are arresting and charging with crimes are in actuality protecting their Private Property from Criminal Trespass and unlawful development activities. The corporations have their own military, its called the Police.

This photo was taken November 18, 2021 in Wet’suwet’en territory inside Britsh Columbia.

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A total refurbishment project that involves FIVE Amiga A2000 and TWO A4000 models.

I am working to get these machines at 100% operational capacity with new old stock SCSI

hard drives and new SCSI2SD interface adaptors and new IDE2SD interface adaptors.


I am also building an Educational Program to run on the Amiga Workbench 2.04 and 3.1 to teach about our People.

 I have not chosen a name for the Program yet, but today I am leaning towards,


 "You Think You Know Me".



I hope to build the program using AMOSv2.0. The programs I am using to layout and storyboard are:


           Amigavision,  DPaint_IV,  AdPro,  VideoToaster,  Lightwave 3D, and  Text Engine. 


If I manage to pull this all together, and it is even marginally received, I will find someone

to re-write the program for another platform or at least make it available to run on the WINUAE emulator.



Let's Go



You will....or  you will not.