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  At the request of my son, he and I took advantage of five dollar Tuesday nite at the local theater and watched the new release of the Avengers: Infinity Wars. Within 15 minutes of the film I realized the theme of the film. This theme was prevalent throughout the film and played a large role in the finale. In a nutshell, the main character is the evil villain, and he is presented in a way that he gains the viewers compassion or understanding in his belief that he is doing the right thing for the preservation of the so called human and not so human type species throughout the multitude of universe’s, not just the earth. He has determined that the population levels in these universe’s have reached unsustainable levels, based on the presumption that all the species are consuming all their respective planets natural resources. And since these inhabitants are growing in numbers exponentially, and consuming the resources in sustaining their life-way, they are creating their own demise, so he sets out to gain the power needed to indiscriminately eliminate half of the populations in all the universe’s.

  I find the entire presentation to be a bit disturbing. Are the plots and themes of these comic book stories that outrageous? The film is craft-fully done to condition the minds of the young to accept the concept. The thing is, the concept is not a fictional comic book idea. It is a view held by the persuasive powerful elite that believe they have the authority and the intellect to direct the activities and lives of the populations on earth as we know it. What allows them to belief that they have this authority? Money of course and the simple fact that they have, throughout the centuries, been able to retain their wealth and stature within the elite inner circles. The economic activities associated with consuming the earths finite resources and creating wealth from it has given them the position they now hold. The thing is, they want to hold onto what they have in perpetuity. Therefore, within the life-way that they have graciously shared with the masses, they have determined that earth cannot sustain economic development activities and provide wealth, power and stature for all. The solution is of course to eliminate the people. That approach will allow the special ones to continue their activities, and enforce the status quo. It will kick the can down the road for a little bit longer. Aside from the pretty amazing action and visual stimuli, there is a big message being sent in this film. After all, the lucrative franchise has just made ITS first sacrifice. They graciously terminated half of the super heroes in their show of support.

Tell me I’m wrong!

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The_Underground_Railroad _went _through _Pennsylvania_not_to_it.

The average US citizen believes that slavery in the United States existed primarily in the southern states. If this were true, how would one reconcile the existence of the underground railroad that traversed through Pennsylvania and New York. The routes traversed through these and other northern States and terminated within the borders of Canada. It is true that slave ownership was in decline in Pennsylvania at the commencement of the war, but it is also true that the legislative and judicial wranglings of that time exhibited behavior much like we see today in the legal activities of said institutions regarding abortion of the Pre-born in our time. The Laws were restrictive and complicated. The legislative efforts of the Mason Dixon Line border states, in their eventual efforts to live up to the words penned in the Declaration of Independence, were challenged and overshadowed by the Federal Government in its endeavor to enforce the Federal Fugitive Slave Act. The law was enforced in Pennsylvania, and exhibited strict penalties to anyone that participated in railroad activities and or aided fugitive slaves. Most Pennsylvanians turned a blind eye to the institution of slavery and reported violations to the federal law so as not to be accused of being complicit in a crime.

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