Women’s Health

The term Women’s Health is a very broad statement. It could mean almost anything and the list could be exhaustive but a few examples would include: mental, spiritual, diet, weight, disease, sex, relationship, marriage, physical, parental rights, and some might even try to argue fashion. A gamut of topics could and do fall under this heading. The term is very much like another term that is a favorite of government and that is “Essential Government Functions”. These two phrases are so vague, the only function they truly have is to confuse the recipient. And when people are confused they can easily be manipulated into participating in something that do not fully understand.

So, if you have a room full of lets say 200 people, and in that room there is a speaker presenting on the topic of “Women’s Health”, every person in that room will have a different definition, experience, expectation, and interpretation of the phrase and reason for being in the room.

In that context, I believe that, speakers, organizations, journalists, politicians, or anyone for that matter that is in the public eye demanding attention to their cause and that is using the term “Women’s Health” to define their argument is in fact intentionally misleading their followers and the people they are trying to persuade. If you are not careful to identify exactly what the message is, you are susceptible to being consumed by false teachings. You eventually will be in the crowd that is jumping off the cliff to your death simply because that is what the crowd is doing.

Lets begin with Women’s Health and Exposure within our Environment. I am not writing about the air, the allergens in the air, or the impurity in the drinking water. I am speaking to the immediate surroundings that we as human beings find ourselves exposed to everyday. The people we associate with, the noise, the traffic, the cell phones, the television, the cable TV, the radio, the internet. We as humans are being bombarded in every waking moment with a sales pitch of one sort or another. There are a multitude of people trying to influence you into a specific way of thinking. We have become so very accustomed to this exposure that we have become numb to it, and this constant bombardment is now accepted as the norm. But it is not normal.

How are they trying to accomplish their goal?

Instead of using the term “they”, I will refer to the exposure as“salesperson”. The salesperson is attempting to take complex subjects and boil it all down to a phrase, a soundbite, or a compilation of phrases, very much like the hook in a popular song. The salesperson is spending vast amounts of financial resources to entertain and manipulate you into buying a product, drug, service, idea, and or philosophy, that you did not know you needed and that typically goes against your better judgment. In addition, there are a million talking heads out there in main stream media and the alternative media hyping up bits and pieces of information and turning it into a story to promote their own agenda and in the process the salesperson is telling you what to think and how to think. Realize that just because an individual has a PHD. Dr., Honorable, RN, or Journalist designation in front of their name does not mean they can be trusted or that they even care about you as a person. In contrast however, there are people, organizations, and institutions out there in this exposure that truly have a passion for sharing positive uplifting information and direction that they believe to be valuable and very useful and they honestly want to share with you to help you and your family.

So, what can I do to help myself, my family, and my baby? First, we have to identify that we are all being exposed. Second, ask yourself is all this exposure good for me? Am I learning something of substance that has merit. Is this exposure going to help me form a proper decision. Are there intended or unintended consequences lurking in that information, guidance, product or service. Do I have all the facts? Is this information positive and uplifting, does it fill my need in a way that balances with my spiritual beliefs, my physical condition, the well being of my baby, the baby’s father, the needs of my family, extended family, and or proposed family. Does my family have exposure to the proper information, or are they reacting in misinformation and emotion? Will the proposed information or solution benefit all my considerations in the long term, or is this a short term fix.

Third, Do I need to turn on more filters to eliminate the negative or unnecessary exposure? Are these sources of exposure actually helping me or is it an agenda?

On any given day, can you tune into a television or radio show and all its associated commercial advertisement and witness an honest conversation or promotion for TRUE Women’s Health in context to a specific type? I CAN NOT.

There are thousands of Women’s Health facilities and pregnancy help facilities like “The Free Women’s Health Clinic” available but you would never know it unless you specifically searched on the internet, already have a specific connection to a facility based on geographical location, shared a link or a tweet, have a referral from a friend, colleague, pastor, doctor, mentor, family member, or by word of mouth.

I would like to conclude this commentary with this. Lets help one another turn on the filters to limit the exposure in the quest for truth and honest guidance. Avoid the general terminology traps such as “Women’s Health”. If we continue to speak in these terms , than we must expand the conversation to include every Man, Woman and Child in that discussion for we are all affected in the blessing of a new born or the death there of.

Stephen Simmons

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