Carlisle Industrial School for Indians

The remains of six children interned at the Carlisle Indian School will be exhumed beginning June 15, 2019. Much has been written about the school, its history, the military campaigns, and the progress made in the endeavor to “Kill the Indian, Save the Man”. There are reams of paper containing official documents between the superintendent, many layers of government officials, and social societies in the management of their endeavor, justifying actions, comparing observations, doubts, and adjustments to the Indian education policy. But there is something of vital importance missing in all this documentation.
I have read Richard Henry Pratt’s book entitled “Battlefield and Classrooms”. Pratt was instrumental in “subduing” the rebellious Indians after the federal implementation of the reservation concentration camps and he was instrumental in the founding of the Indian school system. I have also reviewed documentation available at the Dickinson college online portal. Much Indian Industrial School documentation is stored at this college in Carlisle PA. I was attempting to review what Native American students, parents, and Tribal Authorities had written reflecting their educational experience and the forced attendance and cultural assimilation of the children. I am very much interested in reading the Native American perspective and representation during these activities. I found nothing aside from a few footnotes. I found total omission of what the “Indian” had to say about this forced colonial education and attempted cultural genocide. Within the reference to “letters to home” from the children within the publications of the period, I found censorship that omitted the material and excused the omission as being to wordy and lacking anything of newsworthy content to print. However, I did find much reference material on the subject of the “Indian problem.”

In the misguided attempt to transform and ultimately eliminate a pre-existing culture that survived many millennia, the imposing “civilized” people never stopped to ask themselves what knowledge this culture had to offer mankind. The offending race, with maybe withholding an exception for the Quakers, assumed a superior position without ever considering the consequences of their actions and behavioral attitudes that they were imposing on a race of people that, as stated before, sustained itself and its environment for many millennia. Just suppose for a minute if the Native people that inhabited this continent prior to contact had acted exactly as the white invaders? There would have been bigger guns on the shores when someone was “discovered”. There would be no pristine environment available to the immigrants to plunder. There would be no wildlife to slaughter for the sport of killing. And there would have been established prisons that would soon be filled to capacity with white immigrants. I believe that it is of vital importance that the group of official do-gooder’s finally take the time to understand the spiritual attitudes, self governing methods, and environmental stewardship that Native Americans of the north American continent practiced that afforded them a near perfect balance with the creator, the natural resources, and the environment that the creator provided for them to prosper in and manage. In reality, it appears we have a white man problem, not an Indian problem because the corrupted attitudes persist in the present, albeit they exist in different form and terminology than the blatant “in your face” form of prejudice, hatred, and racism of the past.

Why is this critique important? This is important because there are many people attempting to heal from the actions of the subversive “civilized” culture. As victims of forced assimilation and attempted genocide, natives are attempting to address the genetic and cultural damage caused by the trauma. Since the formation of the United States from the thirteen colonies it is evident that the federal government charged itself with the authority to negotiate treaties with the Indian Nations so that the US could advance its ambitions. These negations and treaties are enshrined within the US Constitution. These writings establish the fact and acknowledge that the Native Nations had the authority and ability to enter into official government relations based on their sovereign status that was and is recognized world wide. It is also recognizable and acknowledged that the Native Nations existed and functioned under a very different life way. The subversive “civilized” people proclaimed that the native life way was inferior and primitive and incompatible with an “enlightened” and “superior” sense of self. The problem is, although the official writings and documentation acknowledged the contradictions within the superior race, they never came to terms with the reality of their greed corruption, graft, deception, double speak, the pursuit of power and control, self gratification, and money. These less than desirable virtues are being preserved in the American way of life under the deception of Self Determination.

Native American tribes attempted to embrace the new life ways that were invading the continent. Natives recognized certain benefits, inventions, knowledge and strategies. They also recognized that these new life ways were in basic conflict with a belief system, an established life sustaining life way that respected and revered the creators gift. They recognized that what came with the inventions and trade goods was graft, lies, deception, corruption, conflict, theft, murder, alcohol and drug abuse, concealment, exploitation, double speak, disease, mental illness, and confusion surrounding the many different religious belief systems, and likely, the lack there-of. Many indigenous peoples embraced the new ideology, gave it a try, and ultimately rejected this new life way because it conflicted with truth and an inherent sense of right and wrong. It threatened the life way, land base, religious and cultural belief systems, and most importantly it threatened the families and the cohesiveness that bonded entire communities, otherwise known as Tribes and Nations. Some tribes voluntarily relocated from lands in the east to lands more westerly to get away from the white settlements. Many tribes negotiated at the conference table for the Indians to stay on their side of the fence and the whites to stay on their side of the fence. However, there is nothing inherently noble in the actions of the white man, as he will do as he pleases. And after the mayhem of invading Indian territorial boundaries, ignoring legalities that the whites refuse to abide, failed bureaucratic institutions, and a total lack of interest in fulfilling treaty obligations in a just way, the whites created additional laws and policy that enabled the whites to remain lawfully in trespass and further ignore constitutionally guaranteed obligations. These are the reasons the Native defended their life way and resisted embracing the assimilation to the death if needed. Natives understood then and understand now the difference between true freedom and a facsimile thereof and this persistent deception, perpetrated on all the people, is accepted by the majority of the American population as a satisfactory condition of citizenship and inclusion. The fact is that this deception is a very large, contradictory, and immovable obstacle to personal identity, cultural identity, and denies any real progress in healing from the physical, physiological, and emotional assault perpetrated against indigenous peoples.

In the writers opinion, healing can not truly take place. To this day the hostilities exist between the two cultures. To this day the average American has very little or are without any understanding of the Native American culture, as it existed at contact and as it exists today. There can be no reconciliation between the two because the majority of Americans are steeped in ignorance. Geographical places important to Native Americans have been plundered and plowed under. Personal property has been swindled or stolen and placed in some museums closet or on display. Relatives deceased bodies have been scattered to the wind or held in perpetual bondage in make shift cemeteries throughout the continent with contempt. Myths are taught in the educational systems. There is little doubt that within the context of teaching and interacting with native American subject matter, it is inherently performed in the historical context. This is the main reason the generations that have come up and are being raised up, cannot put native cultures into any meaningful understanding and perspective. This is why the mere mention of native Americans in a conversation with the average American results in either total silence, an apologetic exclamation that lacks any real emotion or understanding of their ancestral behavior, and most always includes a racial slur or comment based entirely on what they have been exposed to in motion pictures, fairy tales, and again ignorance.

This day, June 19 2019, a news report came to my email that describes that the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has issued an executive order that for the first time in California history has issued an apology to the Native Americans and has acknowledged the barbaric behavior of the people and government of California towards the Native American populations in that jurisdiction. This is maybe a beginning to the healing process but for who? As I have stated throughout these pages, unless the constant state of ignorance within the American culture is addressed and the population is educated properly, there is no point in spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to again study and evaluate the so called “Indian problem” for the next six years. In my experience, when the dominant culture comes forth and pretends to show respect and a free exchange of ideas, they usually want something. The dominant civilized society must review, evaluate, and question the purpose and intent of their own culture. It must face its own historical horrific acts and moral bankruptcy. I do not see this happening in an environment that endorses self destruction, selfishness, greed, corruption, lies, legal deception as practiced in the judicial system, intentional deception, partial truths, and exaggerated lies as employed within the sensationalism of the journalistic trades, immoral acts of violence to achieve a political or societal end, murder and the relentless pursuit of class warfare and fictitious wealth.

The six children interned at the Carlisle Indian School to be exhumed and returned home.

Henry Jones, died at the age of 16, a member of the Iowa Nation, Sac and Fox,
Adam McCarty, died at age 17, a member of the Modac Nation,
Jemima Metoxin, died at the age of 16, a member of the Onieda Nation,
Ophelia Powles, died at the age of 15, a member of the Onieda Nation,
Alice Springer, died at the age of 14, a member of the Omaha Nation,
Sophia Caulon, died 01/18/1893, a member of the Onieda Nation,

This article was published at the Native American News Site, Last Real Indians July 2019


Today the racist’s are again hatching a plan to further their agenda of abusing and destroying Native American families, culture, belief system, and traditions. They are ironically using “Race” as a basis for their inhumanity touting how congressional protections afforded to Native American families are UN-constitutional.

One must first analyze why it was necessary to create these protections in order to reach any sound conclusion.

In the foundation of the United States, one must realize that the European immigrants to this continent were entering upon a land that was inhabited by many people. Distinct and organized people that had a different life way than that of the immigrants. These people had societies and structures in place in the regulation of their affairs. These organizing principles, that are apparently 400 years old before the arrival of the European, were found to be of particular interest to the peoples attempting to formulate a new government that was distinctly different from that of the Kingdoms of subjugation found throughout Europe. The founding documents enforce this notion and much discussion ensued on how to proceed to build a new nation while at the same time recognize and incorporate the rights of a people that existed prior to the introduction of the White Man.

The concept that I am making you aware of is “the Great Law of Peace”. The founders of the new republic recognized the inspiration and total effectiveness of this governance tool and instead of adopting it in its totality, attempted to incorporate parts of the great law of peace into the Articles of Confederation and later the Constitution of the United States. Regardless of how you view the analysis and incorporation of the principles, the United States organized and founded the organizing documents recognizing the unique nature of the Native American by recognizing these people as sovereigns, unique individual Nations. It was therefore necessary to build lasting relationships with these nations that included: recognizing their person-hood, their culture, their sovereign status (not subject to the authority of the States), their trading rights, hunting and fishing rights, and their land ownership rights. And in so doing, established institutions and laws regulating the interaction of Whites with the Indian Nations. These observations are engrained within the Constitution of the United States.

The founders attempted to enforce these observations within the founding documents of the Constitution of the United States, but the inherent deceptive nature and unbounded lust for the new lands of the colonist mentality, and the unabashed desire to control and manipulate people, initiated evil actions to deprive the Nations of their obvious and rightful role along side the developing nation. These actions were based on race, but they would have been perpetrated upon any living sole that held title to the occupied lands.

This is where we begin to see justifications for the hostile actions perpetrated against the Sovereign Nations by stripping them of their human status and stripping them of their culture, language, tradition, laws, history, and land ownership. These people, my people, became exiles in their own land with the creation of the Indian removal laws. This is the beginning of an intentional degradation, starvation, and destruction of human beings that would continue for centuries. It continues to this day. And we are seeing a prominent example of these hostile actions in the Federal Court of Appeals whereas certain state governments and individuals are attempting to strip Native Americans of protections that have been established for Native Americans due to the oppressive and destructive intent and nature of said governments and their misguided citizens. When you couple that hostility with the ignorance of the today’s mainstream culture, you have a continuation of hostilities through another means. You have a continuation of racist manipulation and intentional destruction of a political race of people disguised as having an honest interest in “the best interests of the child or Children”.

The endgame of these hostile actions have not changed much since the Andrew Jackson’s administration signed into law an act of congress that contradicts the United States Constitution and stripped a people of their rightful place among the human race. The implementation methods are very different than the methods used in the 1800’s. Instead of using States militia, volunteers, and US Army troops to forcefully remove and destroy a people, today they use the courts, law enforcement agencies, private corporate police forces, and traitors of our own people (historically Indian Scouts for the Army) looking to make a name for themselves no matter the cost to the people.

Who is benefiting from broken families? Who is benefiting from a people forced to abandon their identity? Who is benefiting from forcing a culture to walk among a people that exhibit ignorance, contempt, and disgust for us as a political race of people. I know at least this much, the Indian Child Welfare act interferes with state government and their employees from making a healthy financial profit from every child that is removed from their respective family and placed in an environment that is designed to force compliance to the State. Its all about the money. These people could care less about the well being of the “Indian” children. Who would have any faith in a government that is attempting to break up a family in an “effort to protect the child” (based on their internal policy and guidelines) while at the same time perpetrating the myth that the destruction of a child is a woman’s right, her choice, and a health care issue.

Any action initiated by the State against an Indian child and their families is nothing more than another form of forced removal and intentional destruction of the Native American culture. It is an extension of the total eradication activities that have been ongoing since the days of Andrew Jackson.

These Indian Child Welfare issues and the management thereof are already defined in law. It is within the framework and jurisdiction of the Tribal governments and the Tribal courts to decide and act upon the need to remove a child from an adverse environment. These were lays that were defined by consultation with the Indian Nations and implemented into law by acts of the united states congress. It never was within the jurisdiction of a State government and invocations of interference into Indian Affairs by the State is in total contradiction to the United States Constitution. Attempts to legislate via the courts, the will of a power hungry minority on a people that refuse to consent, which has become the modern day norm, is both illegal and UN-constitutional.

The average American citizen has consented to the American government so that the government may perform its role. There is or was an exchange. Certain liberties and freedoms were exchanged so that the government may afford protections enumerated within the constitution. The government in exchange assumed liabilities and responsibilities in the protection of the enumerated rights. With respect to the granted authority by the American citizen, the American government has entered into Treaties with foreign nations. State governments are prohibited from creating and entering into treaties of any kind. These treaties are the supreme law of the land, according to the united states constitution.

In the past, State governments were complicit in coercing the American government into forcefully removing Native people from the homelands. This was done in part because the newly formed State had no authority over a sovereign Native people, and no desire or mechanism to interact with Native peoples. The people of the States thought they had the final solution. Just eliminate them. The plan did not work out so well. The fact remains, the State still has no authority over a sovereign Native people. You don’t have to like it, but you do have to respect it. Its the law.

Stephen Simmons

Casual Observations

I recently have started a new job. In the performance of this job I am required to operate a motor vehicle throughout the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is difficult to maintain an unbiased position of the people I observe on a daily basis. It is just as difficult to maintain a neutral position in the practices of these people in caring for the environment in which they reside. Before I go too much farther I must exempt the Amish communities from this observation. They are completely the opposite of the average immigrant settler descendant. Back to the mainstream. The towns are dilapidated and in disrepair. The yards and properties are littered with trash and junk they deem valuable. These people I observe are extremely ignorant and devoid of any real knowledge. They are like zombies. Most everyone is glued to their phone and everyone is highly influenced by their television and social media which has proven to be hostile to the American constitution and the bill of rights by espousing a twisted and unsustainable version of such documents. They do not perform any research for themselves, they simply parrot what the programming is repeatedly vocalizing.

The trash, garbage, run down homes, and the shear number of animals (deer specifically) that are laying dead by the side of the road is staggering. In just a two week period of this driving activity, I lost count of the dead dear, and other animals, along the roadways. Couple these observations with the obesity of the average person, one can only come to the conclusion that this culture, this society is a very sick people. I suppose that is the reason people flock to the health care facilities. They are sick, very sick in hearts and minds. They appear to exhibit no faith in God. It appears that the only faith they have is in the government checks that are supporting their sick families. The contaminated water they are drinking, the food stuffs that is disguised to resemble nutritious food they are eating, the drugs and alcohol they are consuming, and the poisoned minds they are exhibiting is destroying them and they have no idea. The talking heads in mainstream America is telling them what to think, not how to think. Like lemmings they are. They just continue on their merry way.

In one town, I must have come in on the opposite side of main street. I drove through the community attempting to locate my destination. I did not see any people in the yards of the homes. I did not see any cars. As I landed on my destination, an attractive strip mall of government offices, the same location had the only hospital and medical facility. I found where all the people were at. The parking lots were packed. I suppose one could say this situation proves my point.

These are the descendants of people that flocked to these shores and invaded my homeland claiming divine right to exterminate the Indian and occupy the land.

These are the people that have allowed the judiciary to usurp the will of the governed and take over the responsibility of the legislature and impose illegal in immoral laws on the states and the nation.

The entire spectacle is a disgrace.

Did_Anyone_catch_that ?

  At the request of my son, he and I took advantage of five dollar Tuesday nite at the local theater and watched the new release of the Avengers: Infinity Wars. Within 15 minutes of the film I realized the theme of the film. This theme was prevalent throughout the film and played a large role in the finale. In a nutshell, the main character is the evil villain, and he is presented in a way that he gains the viewers compassion or understanding in his belief that he is doing the right thing for the preservation of the so called human and not so human type species throughout the multitude of universe’s, not just the earth. He has determined that the population levels in these universe’s have reached unsustainable levels, based on the presumption that all the species are consuming all their respective planets natural resources. And since these inhabitants are growing in numbers exponentially, and consuming the resources in sustaining their life-way, they are creating their own demise, so he sets out to gain the power needed to indiscriminately eliminate half of the populations in all the universe’s.

  I find the entire presentation to be a bit disturbing. Are the plots and themes of these comic book stories that outrageous? The film is craft-fully done to condition the minds of the young to accept the concept. The thing is, the concept is not a fictional comic book idea. It is a view held by the persuasive powerful elite that believe they have the authority and the intellect to direct the activities and lives of the populations on earth as we know it. What allows them to belief that they have this authority? Money of course and the simple fact that they have, throughout the centuries, been able to retain their wealth and stature within the elite inner circles. The economic activities associated with consuming the earths finite resources and creating wealth from it has given them the position they now hold. The thing is, they want to hold onto what they have in perpetuity. Therefore, within the life-way that they have graciously shared with the masses, they have determined that earth cannot sustain economic development activities and provide wealth, power and stature for all. The solution is of course to eliminate the people. That approach will allow the special ones to continue their activities, and enforce the status quo. It will kick the can down the road for a little bit longer. Aside from the pretty amazing action and visual stimuli, there is a big message being sent in this film. After all, the lucrative franchise has just made ITS first sacrifice. They graciously terminated half of the super heroes in their show of support.

Tell me I’m wrong!

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Unjust_and_Immoral_acts_of_violence_part 1

  I have concerns, that lead to many questions, about why a county sheriffs department working in cooperation with law enforcement agencies of other states and the federal government would have the need to cooperate with a private contractor for security purposes. An action of this nature used against a body of individuals gathered in a common cause in a peaceful manner of demonstrating and protesting the actions of a government and or corporate entity, strongly suggests there would be a nefarious purpose and intent.

  It is my understanding that as American citizens, we have the right and duty to protest and demonstrate against an immoral, illegal and or unjust activity of a government entity. And since most every organizational activity that functions within the united states is coerced into operating under a corporate structure, that definition would have to include a corporate entity.

   The elected representatives are expected to abide by the oath that they took to defend the Constitution of the State and the Constitution of the United States. In turn, the appointee and or employee in charge of the government agencies are expected to do the same. Yet at every opportunity we see a prosecutor willing to subvert the organizing documents of the State and Nation to serve their own ends. In this current example whereas the Water Protectors are forced to defend themselves against fabricated and unsubstantiated charges, many of which have already been thrown out of court, the defense has experienced a period in which the government employees have created such an obstacle within their own justice system that it is hard to believe they hold the position they do. It has taken a special hearing, a year after the demand for production, to force the prosecutors office to comply with the law, in this case provide the defense with the witnesses and evidence they intend to use against them. In a less than recent example of this absurd and illegal behavior, I will use the actions of the recently convicted attorney general of the State of Pennsylvania, Kathleen Kane. As soon as she took office she declared that she would not enforce the States law that she did not agree with, and for the most part was allowed to get away with it until she was convicted of another crime.

  Now, for the less educated elected individual I can understand why such a person would have a difficult time adhering to their oath since it has become common practice to tolerate subversive judges telling the people what is constitutional and what is not. In other words we have allowed the judiciary to abandon the established practice of deciding case law based ON the Constitution and have defaulted to a practice that decides cases based on flowery commentary and opinion, existing case law determined on flowery commentary and opinion, and proclamations pulled out of thin air. That particular rabbit trail has no end and will forever allow the judiciary to rule the roost and allow the system to be manipulated for any purpose and desired outcome. These practices keep attorneys employed and the courts busy with work, but will eventually lead to the collapse of the our constitutional form of government. In many ways it already has.

  In the recent past we have seen how the government has shown up in force, in a militarized fashion, to enforce regulation and policy developed by an agency. I cite the Cliven Bundy’s ranch standoff in Nevada in April 2014. Without due process of law, the agency proceeded in the confiscation of property that resulted in citizens assembling to defend against an illegal action perpetrated by the government. Now obviously the images generated by a militarized government agency against an assembly of US citizens standing up in defense of their property rights firmly defended in the Constitution looks bad. Maybe the Morton County Sheriffs Department and other Law Enforcement Officials” were cooperating with the privately contracted security firm in an effort to direct attention away from their involvement. In large part this strategy has worked in that it allows law enforcement agencies a mechanism that shifts focus and accountability away from government law enforcement agencies to the private company. Oh, and by the way, a private company that has been employed by federal agencies to target, surveil, and disrupt international citizens opposed to American interests extracting their energy resources against their will in their respective countries.

  We need to keep this fundamental in the pretext of the conversation. “We the People” have delegated the authority to our local law enforcement to protect our God given rights to Life, Liberty, and Property. Law enforcement is obligated to recognize that fact and take every step imaginable to DE-escalate a situation so as to ensure the public safety is maintained while diplomatic negotiations can commence in an effort to resolve the dispute. “We the People” are also on the other side of the barrier.

  It is not the proper role of government and it’s contractors to escalate hostilities, perpetrate violence, and instigate criminal activities to create a situation wherein the public safety is compromised.  Accusing people of illegal activity while they are exorcising their inherent rights, protected by the constitution, is not a valid role of government and its agencies. Employing the use of small arms weaponry, attack dogs,  and high pressure water to inflict bodily injury on people is not law enforcement. Imposing an evacuation deadline of an encampment in a so called effort to protect the greater well being of the public is only an absurd excuse to impose the will of the aggressor, inflict harm on individuals that refuse to abandon their rights and their beliefs, and accuse the individuals of fabricated allegations so as to label them for life. Charges of illegal activity should have been levied against the aggressors, but they are protected by their lies and deceptive interpretations.

  The land dispute and a potential for a water contamination disaster still exists. “We the People” have lost faith in the system because the system was, and is, subverted to serve the will of a few wealthy and powerful people with bigger and more guns.

foot notes:

The_Underground_Railroad _went _through _Pennsylvania_not_to_it.

The average US citizen believes that slavery in the United States existed primarily in the southern states. If this were true, how would one reconcile the existence of the underground railroad that traversed through Pennsylvania and New York. The routes traversed through these and other northern States and terminated within the borders of Canada. It is true that slave ownership was in decline in Pennsylvania at the commencement of the war, but it is also true that the legislative and judicial wranglings of that time exhibited behavior much like we see today in the legal activities of said institutions regarding abortion of the Pre-born in our time. The Laws were restrictive and complicated. The legislative efforts of the Mason Dixon Line border states, in their eventual efforts to live up to the words penned in the Declaration of Independence, were challenged and overshadowed by the Federal Government in its endeavor to enforce the Federal Fugitive Slave Act. The law was enforced in Pennsylvania, and exhibited strict penalties to anyone that participated in railroad activities and or aided fugitive slaves. Most Pennsylvanians turned a blind eye to the institution of slavery and reported violations to the federal law so as not to be accused of being complicit in a crime.

PhonePictures 039

A recent visit to Washington D.C.

  I recently took my two children on an adventure into Washington D.C.. I had talked it up a little bit, as both children have been to a number of historic sites in the East.  I thought it was time to try to tie it all together so that they would gain an understanding of the bigger picture of U.S. history.

  We started out with an automobile ride to a Metro train station in Maryland, found the correct place to park the car and got a quick education on how to pay to ride the train. Our train ride terminated at a Metro Station in Washington D.C.

Washington Monument

Washington Monument

World War II Dedication

World War II Dedication

World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial

  We began our walking tour in downtown and made our way to the Mall with the Washington Monument being the most visible monument. We proceeded to the World War II memorial, spent some time, took some photos and talked about why it was significant. Onward to the Vietnam Veterans memorial and then the Lincoln Monument. We happened to land on a tour group that had a presenter for the Vietnam Veterans memorial. We stopped to listen before we moved on. At the end of the presentation I asked my son if he noticed the terminology used for the talk the guide had given. He had not, so I reminded him that she repeatedly used the term “Vietnam Conflict” instead of the word War. I asked if he knew why the individual had done that, and he had no idea. So I enlightened him with the fact that the entire 15 year conflict was an illegal action perpetrated by the United States government against the Vietnamese peoples homeland in support of the french peoples attempt to colonize an independent and free people. Official war must be declared by the congress of the united states, and that specific action never happened. I did not go into the specifics of what that entails, but I believe he understood my point.

Vietnam Wall Memorial

Vietnam Wall Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

PhonePictures 113

 After visiting the Lincoln Memorial Monument, we perused for a bit in the park service gift shop and decided on a few items, one of which was a book that I bought for my daughter, “Harriet Tubman Secret Agent, how daring slaves and free blacks spied for the union during the civil war”, published by the National Geographic. After a quick review I recognized that that this book provided significant information that enabled me to find detailed information. I instantly knew this would be a good book for my daughter. I also took an interest in the book, and in doing so researched a few items that I found interesting with respect to Pennsylvania and its attitude towards slavery.

 With the start of the next day I had planned on visiting Arlington Cemetery, but had to manage time against facility closing deadlines, so we made our way to the Iwo Jima war memorial and then headed to the Air and Space museum, followed up by the American Indian Museum.

Iwo Jima Memorial

Iwo Jima Memorial

Wright Brothers Aircraft

Wright Brothers Aircraft

Germany's V-2 Rocket

Germany’s V-2 Rocket

 We observed and absorbed as much as we could in the air and space museum. I feel fortunate to have seen the Wright brothers exhibit and Germany’s V-2 rocket. My kids and I have traveled by air so much, that observance of all the different pieces of aircraft did not hold our attention very long. An impression was made however on my daughter in that she noticed a heavy emphasis on our ability to make war on each other with every new break through in technology.

 Onward to the American Indian Museum, and the final stop of our adventure. I had imagined to see items of historical significance, maybe some recreated scenes of historical significance, but what is presented here is very much different than my imagined expectations. On the second floor, tucked around the corner from the main exhibit, the gift shop, was an area that had well constructed posters. The theme that sticks in my mind, not sure if it is the actual theme, is the contribution that Native Americans have made to the American experience. PhonePictures 184

Turkey Feather Fan

Wampum Belts

Wampum Belts

Dark Days in the Chesapeak

Dark Days in the Chesapeak

I did learn a few things here, but there were gaping holes in the presentation. For example, I had known about Admiral Joseph James ‘Jocko’ Clark, (USN (November 12, 1893 – July 13, 1971) was an admiral in the United States Navy, who commanded aircraft carriers during World War II. Born and raised in Oklahoma and a native of the Cherokee Nation, he was the first Native American to graduate from the United States Naval Academy, in 1917). Pretty significant don’t you think, but there was no mention of him in the exhibit. I learned that there were not one Nation, but 26 Native Nations involved in developing and practicing the “Code Talkers” secret coding which began in WW I and continued in WW II. SeaAlaska corporation was responsible for this exhibit.

A Sad Thing

A Sad Thing

The next floor provided a huge exhibit of the South American continent aboriginal inhabitants, and their life experience before, during, and after the invasion of the “discoverers”. We took time to absorb what we could. A lot of reading in these exhibits on every floor. Not to kid friendly. I do not think they learned very much. The next level, on the fourth floor, has an exhibit that I wished I could have spent more time in. Basically it was a compilation of how the master race, the Great White father, the honorable American, goes through the trouble of having grand councils, drafting negotiations of treaty, ratifying these supreme documents, and then ignoring them or bastardizing the implementation of the agreements so badly, that the inevitable happens. People starve, get pushed around, loose their homes, die, and then reach a breaking point.

Bad Paper

Bad Paper

Treaty Land

Treaty Land

The following text sums this up just a little bit. (taken from the exhibit)

“Most Americans live on Treaty Lands. Every treaty in United States history has a story as complicated and tragic as the small sample shown in this exhibit. These stories are not finished.

The U.S. Senate ratified more than 370 Indian treaties. About 250 more Executive orders and Acts of Congress took the form of treaties. Nearly every part of the country outside the original 13 colonies is affected by a treaty made by the United States. Every American has inherited the rights and obligations made in their government treaties”.

The problem is, the modern day Americans are so focused on self gratification and worshiping the Dollar, they have little time for anything else. They lack the knowledge to understand these things as well, which is evident in the .stereotypical statements most Americans let cross their lips, “e.g.”

“We should give them___________fill in the blank.

Another example to prove my point of the stupidity of today’s American and brokenness of the educational system is that most Americans believe that the U.S. Bought Alaska from Russia.


Eigth Grade Social Studies – A Lesson in the Absurd

I felt compelled to write about recent events regarding my sons educational experience. He has begun the eighth grade and one of the first subjects that he has had questions about is that of social studies, but more directly were questions about the information he is being taught in contrast to what he has been exposed to in the past five years as a result of living and going to school in the pacific northwest in a Tlingit environment. As I too have first hand knowledge of living and working within the Pacific Northwest cultures, I attempted to make sense of the educational materials and explain to my son how we are going to get through this intentional deception and misdirection from the truth of the matter. Note that this material is not specific to the school he is attending. It is in every curriculum.

So I began to read what he is learning and immediately realized that I will have my work cut out for me if he is going to get a balanced educational experience and at the same time pass the required testing. The first obstacle was discussing the theoretical and contradictory land bridge theory across the Bering Strait. For what ever reason the invaders have developed theories that they deem important in an effort to provide an explanation for the existence of human populations on the previously unknown continents. In my experiences and acquaintances within Alaska, the lower 48, and all the way to the tip of South America, the indigenous peoples know and describe their presence within the continents much differently than what is being perpetrated into the minds of the unsuspecting.

Secondly, after reading just a couple of extremely generalized paragraphs devoted to the Native inhabitants of the Americas, based on a ridiculous made up story, the material quickly transitioned to the explorational endeavors and history of the invaders. There is no real attempt to study the land and the people in the land. Those studies are apparently unimportant. What apparently is of importance is the total elimination of the historical fact and a crafty redirection into details of the lives of the explorers, their governmental and economic systems that motivated them, and the religious beliefs, or lack thereof, that was used to justify their behavior and actions.

At this very same time I had been exploring a “new to me” audio book that is in the public domain by Edson L. Whitney titled “Four American Indians”. It has been recorded into an audio format and is available at . It is an excellent resource that appears to be very accurate in detail and the historical record. It collaborates to a reference written by Alvin M. Josephy, Jr. “ 500 Nations, An Illustrated History of the North American Indians”. I am currently using these two materials along with our personal experiences, and knowledge gained from knowing and being a part of several Native cultures in Alaska and the Nations in the lower 48 States to teach my child about social studies.

I have reviewed the educational materials that are available for Columbus, De Soto, and Cortez. That true history is rife with crimes against humanity in the extreme. At this time, I have chosen to avoid any study on these people. I do not want add undue anxiety and additional conflicting information into the mix until it is the proper time. So for now I will allow the deception and flowery myths to prevail in the educational experience and concurrently teach on the Native People of the Americas, their contributions to the human experience, and how they interacted, cooperated, and eventually resisted the so called “civilized” cultures.

Remarks of Kevin Gover, Assistant Secretary-Bureau of Indian Affairs September 8, 2000


  1. The myth, uncivilized, uncultured groups of savage peoples just out of the cave-man era living in the New World.
  2. The reality of the grace, acceptance, and empathy extended to the newcomers to the new world.
  3. The treatment, the deception, the resistance, and in many histories the extermination of a free people, in the name of progress.
  4. An examination of the invading cultures, their true motivations and actions.
  5. Shedding one yoke for another, the American Revolution and the Great Law of Peace.
  6. The lie, building a new nation based on Gods Commandments, human rights, freedom and equality: but in reality based on twisted ideology, unjust and immoral laws, theft, murder and genocide, UN-equality, poverty and class warfare.

Women’s Health

The term Women’s Health is a very broad statement. It could mean almost anything and the list could be exhaustive but a few examples would include: mental, spiritual, diet, weight, disease, sex, relationship, marriage, physical, parental rights, and some might even try to argue fashion. A gamut of topics could and do fall under this heading. The term is very much like another term that is a favorite of government and that is “Essential Government Functions”. These two phrases are so vague, the only function they truly have is to confuse the recipient. And when people are confused they can easily be manipulated into participating in something that do not fully understand.

So, if you have a room full of lets say 200 people, and in that room there is a speaker presenting on the topic of “Women’s Health”, every person in that room will have a different definition, experience, expectation, and interpretation of the phrase and reason for being in the room.

In that context, I believe that, speakers, organizations, journalists, politicians, or anyone for that matter that is in the public eye demanding attention to their cause and that is using the term “Women’s Health” to define their argument is in fact intentionally misleading their followers and the people they are trying to persuade. If you are not careful to identify exactly what the message is, you are susceptible to being consumed by false teachings. You eventually will be in the crowd that is jumping off the cliff to your death simply because that is what the crowd is doing.

Lets begin with Women’s Health and Exposure within our Environment. I am not writing about the air, the allergens in the air, or the impurity in the drinking water. I am speaking to the immediate surroundings that we as human beings find ourselves exposed to everyday. The people we associate with, the noise, the traffic, the cell phones, the television, the cable TV, the radio, the internet. We as humans are being bombarded in every waking moment with a sales pitch of one sort or another. There are a multitude of people trying to influence you into a specific way of thinking. We have become so very accustomed to this exposure that we have become numb to it, and this constant bombardment is now accepted as the norm. But it is not normal.

How are they trying to accomplish their goal?

Instead of using the term “they”, I will refer to the exposure as“salesperson”. The salesperson is attempting to take complex subjects and boil it all down to a phrase, a soundbite, or a compilation of phrases, very much like the hook in a popular song. The salesperson is spending vast amounts of financial resources to entertain and manipulate you into buying a product, drug, service, idea, and or philosophy, that you did not know you needed and that typically goes against your better judgment. In addition, there are a million talking heads out there in main stream media and the alternative media hyping up bits and pieces of information and turning it into a story to promote their own agenda and in the process the salesperson is telling you what to think and how to think. Realize that just because an individual has a PHD. Dr., Honorable, RN, or Journalist designation in front of their name does not mean they can be trusted or that they even care about you as a person. In contrast however, there are people, organizations, and institutions out there in this exposure that truly have a passion for sharing positive uplifting information and direction that they believe to be valuable and very useful and they honestly want to share with you to help you and your family.

So, what can I do to help myself, my family, and my baby? First, we have to identify that we are all being exposed. Second, ask yourself is all this exposure good for me? Am I learning something of substance that has merit. Is this exposure going to help me form a proper decision. Are there intended or unintended consequences lurking in that information, guidance, product or service. Do I have all the facts? Is this information positive and uplifting, does it fill my need in a way that balances with my spiritual beliefs, my physical condition, the well being of my baby, the baby’s father, the needs of my family, extended family, and or proposed family. Does my family have exposure to the proper information, or are they reacting in misinformation and emotion? Will the proposed information or solution benefit all my considerations in the long term, or is this a short term fix.

Third, Do I need to turn on more filters to eliminate the negative or unnecessary exposure? Are these sources of exposure actually helping me or is it an agenda?

On any given day, can you tune into a television or radio show and all its associated commercial advertisement and witness an honest conversation or promotion for TRUE Women’s Health in context to a specific type? I CAN NOT.

There are thousands of Women’s Health facilities and pregnancy help facilities like “The Free Women’s Health Clinic” available but you would never know it unless you specifically searched on the internet, already have a specific connection to a facility based on geographical location, shared a link or a tweet, have a referral from a friend, colleague, pastor, doctor, mentor, family member, or by word of mouth.

I would like to conclude this commentary with this. Lets help one another turn on the filters to limit the exposure in the quest for truth and honest guidance. Avoid the general terminology traps such as “Women’s Health”. If we continue to speak in these terms , than we must expand the conversation to include every Man, Woman and Child in that discussion for we are all affected in the blessing of a new born or the death there of.

Stephen Simmons