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The World is telling a Lie.

  I recently ran across the following quoted CG text in a video I was screening for presentation on the audio stream. It is very profound and true. It applies to many aspects of our daily lives. In my endeavor to educate myself, and provide informed content for the stations programming I have found that the deception takes root in our ignorance. Self gratification, competition between our fellow human beings, and greed fuels the deception. It seems that the western model of society has at its core the idea that each individual can be successful. But at what cost? The pursuit of success and the accumulation of wealth most often comes at the expense of another. The communist and socialist model is even worse in the ideology in that at its core is State-ism. I am coming to believe that the BLM movement and the Antifa crowd are groups of angry and ignorant people being used by people of means to create instability and violence under the deception that the current administration is fascist. These people of means are promoting State-ism and the activists don’t have a clue.

We blindly follow along with the narrative that war is the result of a failure to communicate. A breakdown in diplomatic negotiations, a last resort to resolve conflict. Although the previous statement is true in some cases, most often, the reality is that war is used as a tool to take something from a people that do not want to trade something away or give it up. A recent example to prove my point is that of the Standing Rock Protest. The corporations used the government civil defense and protection structure, federal agencies, and the judiciary to enforce the corporate will and forcefully take something from the people. An historical example, on a grand scale, of the deception is that of the war against Germany in the 1940’s. A detailed examination of the facts reveals something very different than what has been imposed on our minds. General Patton was implying something of vast importance after he had reached Berlin when he wrote  “We have defeated the wrong enemy”.  http://rense.com/general92/patton.htm

The abortion conversation is under the same darkness. People are preying on other people in order to enrich themselves. It does not matter how many lies have to be told, and it does not matter how many lives are taken and or disrupted. The lie is perpetrated that abortion is a “right” and a women s health care issue. In reality these lies serve only to eliminate the discussion and allow the evil doers to operate as if everything is normal and acceptable. The pay off is financial gain. The truth of it is abortion is murder.

“Ever since socially organized European establishments, wether through governments or religious institutions, first mingled with Native Americans here in North America, A vast ongoing sinister deception was kindled that of which still thrives today. Throughout the generations a great lie has been ‘socially engineered’ into our society: It is a widely accepted mistake to think “ the White Man” is an enemy responsible for the generations of oppression and genocidal warfare that Native Americans, still to this day, so gruelingly face. It is only now being understood that the TRUE enemy is rooted in the ancient shadowy occult deity, more commonly understood as satanism. Given these current prophetic times we are living in (Biblically known as the End Days) it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt through local indigenous traditions and prophecies, that the Almighty Great Spirit has His hand in this ongoing injustice misunderstood by so many. What is most important for those like the Lakota culture to understand is, this great suffering makes them blessed and they should begin to understand that there is a greater truth taking place within their fellow Brothers and Sisters in humanity and of Christ. Please educate yourself in this newly revelated deceptive struggle in which Native American cultures are anything but alone as Gods Favor, Love, and Justice goes far beyond cultural bounds.”

Author: unknown

The World is telling a lie.